E-leva has proven me right professionalism and offered me the assurances I was looking for excellent results on the market. Carry my personal experience with e-lever: about three years ago, I felt a strong need to have a window on the web for Kronos, administer an innovative company which at that time included the launch of a new product on the market, good product both for technical standards for both aesthetic but with very little demand, due to the fact that it was a little known to the public product. By partnering with an outside agency marketing and web-lever, I invested part of the communication budget to inform the user of the web of existence of my product, and train them on how to use. The search for 'agency was therefore not easy, on the recommendation of common associates, I had the pleasure of meeting Walter, head of e-lever, the agency that follows me still. Despite a major territorial away, Pesaro-Modena, I can state that the territorial limits did not affect the quality of the service proposed to me: by e-lever and especially with Walter Del Prete there was immediately tune, proved me right professionalism and I offered assurances I was seeking. Initially, there were many difficulties in understanding the company by Walter because it is an area unknown to him and some difficulties on my part with the web approach. To date, however, after about three years of experience it is my first voice of the advertising budget and every year we look for the possibility of increasing these values ​​for the excellent results obtained in the market. I just hired a new figure to coordinate their investments with these new e-lever and I think I'm such a company in my industry. The experience was primarily in the domestic market, now we are trying to spread it all over the world, parties for the past three months with much skepticism even here we had the first results that stimulate me to invest more and more. Skepticism was the considered E-leva a national company but the attention and dedication of the people are denying me with the results. In the present scenario (domestic market in crisis) the opportunity to work with the web around the world is certainly very tempting for a company like mine that has the best future prospects in exports.
Paolo Berselli, CEO of Kronos Ceramiche (Kronos 2 SPA)
... we found in Walter and all the staff at e-leva the right partner to achieve and develop a web project level three hundred and sixty degrees After a market analysis, we chose to entrust the new web project Dentalgreen to E -leva, in the first phase we were confronted by exposing our needs also dictated by previous experience, we have found in Walter, Cristian and all the staff of E-lever the right partner to achieve and develop a web project level 360 °.
Monticelli Greenwood Dr.Danilo, Dentalgreen, Pesaro
It's a pleasure to work with E-leva for many years. We found a team of professionals who knew how to make 'human' a cold world as it can be digital. Men, passions, skills: their support has enabled us to create and expand our place in the world of online communication. They helped us to believe in the possibilities offered by the digital world as a marketing and communication vehicle. We've expanded our family with them and it was great to be accompanied in our growth path. The journey together will be long and will lead us to new and important goals.
Elena Pozzoli, CEO, Pozzoli srl, Monza