Who we are

The E-leva mission is to assist companies in communication and marketing through the web, social media and traditional tools.
We believe in a cultural and quality approach; technical knowledge, creativity and research come together in a functional mixture to achieve our client’s goals.


The agency was founded in 2005 on the professional experience of Walter Del Prete in the Web Marketing field and business communication.
It grows over the years in terms of turnover and customers; the current structure includes a team of 15 people.
In 2014 he joined the company Nicola Sancisi completing the services of Graphic Design and Brand identity, strengthening the aesthetic and visual impact of the works.
E-leva srl ​​has consolidated clients in Central and Northern Italy. Milan, Pesaro and Rimini are the most representative districts also for the sectors involved related to design, furnishings, tourism and media, photography.


The areas followed are basically 4:

  • Consulting, Planning, Web Management and Social Marketing (Google Ads, SEO, Facebook ADS, etc.);
  • Web Design and Web development (Realization of institutional sites, e-commerce, newsletters, etc.);
  • Brand Identity Design and Business Communication (Trademarks, catalogs, brochures, adverts, etc.);
  • Training.


Awards and Acknowledgments

  • E-leva is registered in the MEPA Electronic Market of the Public Administration
  • The structure is recognized as an Innovation Manager, certified by the Ministry of Economic Development
  • E-leva is Google Partner, with 4 certified professionals. In order to present this certification e-leva meets strict quality requirements requested by Google and manages the required advertising budgets. E-leva was also selected in 2014 to participate in Google Accelerate in Dublin
    Visit the page dedicated to e-leva on Google
  • In 2017, e-leva received the “Excellent Brands” award in the Innovation and Research category
  • The agency’s work has been published in various sector catalogs
  • Articles by Walter Del Prete have been published in sector magazines
  • E-leva has been invited to national conferences and round tables including “Nuove identità artigiane” (Confartigianato Nazionale, Rome) and the ITAIS 2012 international conferenceOrganization change and Information Systems” (she reported on a Web 2.0 project photoviva.it conceived, created, promoted and developed by the e-leva team)

Rely on Certified Professionals
Always up to date with the latest news, with a direct and privileged support from Google for online ad campaigns.
E-leva is Google Partners.
This means that meets the experience requirements by Google, claims the exam every 12 months to get certified and operates major advertising budgets. The certification allows us to be constantly updated with the latest news and to have a direct and privileged support with the Search Engine when planning online advertising campaigns. The title is certified by Google to a dedicated E-leva page.


  • Walter Del Prete

    Digital Marketing and Training

    “As my wife tells me that I am a bit little professor and always go into the merits of the issues. And to think that I thought these were my strengths.”
    He loves theater, for its power to shape a vision. He loves to travel, because it satisfies his curiosity.
    Walter is a recognized marketing expert. When not in the classroom for one of the many training courses he teaches, makes operational the theory and squirts charts, outlines strategies, calculate investment returns, analyzes reports, both with the team with customers. It ‘s always on the piece, he focused on the goal.
    Except when it is not. He reveals his soul “foolish””

  • Nicola Sancisi

    Design and Communication

    Creative, a great sportsman, Nicola has the ability to observe the world with curiosity and passion , saying constitute its main working tools.
    This is so that the spaces and objects are reinterpreted in shapes and colors to be captured in a photograph, to be transmitted in an executive on paper or a project on the web.
    All made with the intelligence of those who will not only decorate, but he wants to communicate.
    “The ideas are not for everyone. But for those who know how to use “

  • Barbara Bartolucci

    Administration Web Domains Management

    “Of me they say that I am an inveterate beach tennis. And I’m always in the game!”
    Meticulous and attentive, is one of the oldest souls of e-lever. By being affable welcomes guests with its diligent hand will be to give the best of themselves to the contents of your company. Newsletter, updating of websites, domain registration, all with embedded HTML skills, usability, DNS, web monitoring.

  • Andrea Cini

    Web Development

    “How to explain what a web developer?
    He is the man who writes code (PHP, JQuery, MySQL).
    Andrea designs and develops websites, back-end and mobile application, themes, plugins and modules for leading open source platforms blogs and e-commerce.
    In critical situations, it is often our superhero.
    “I loved the Knights of the Zodiac. Perhaps this is why when I hear “Help Andrea!” I am already ready to go on a mission!”

  • Elisa Scarciglia

    Seo and Digital Marketing

    Expert in Google, with a strong specialization in SEM and SEO field, quick and problem solver, Elisa will be able to fly your online campaigns.
    Elisa is also a Southern woman and in everything she does takes heart and passion. “I deal with web marketing for over ten years. I love my job and I do it with enthusiasm. My motto: Smile! And when I can not persuade colleagues with the words, I convinced them to the sound of ‘taralli’! “

  • Stefano Lizzul

    Design Web Content and Communication

    Imagines in CMYK, thinks in pixels, designs in vectors.
    Creative and a bit crazy, like probably the majority of designers who know how to do their job, Stefano passes from web design to design catalogs, from brand identity to photography.
    “Good design is born by the balance between rationality and emotion. Citing Massimo Vignelli: The life of a designer is a life of struggle against the ugly.”

  • Marco Terzo

    Web Development

    “I’m curious and creative. I like to express the best of all I work.”
    Marco is a frontendist: deals with web design, web development, CSS, HTML5, with a focus on usability and user experience.
    It has music in his blood. When you do not play the trombone, his hands beating the rhythm and glide fast on the keyboard. Reads the code as musical scores.

  • Simone Carletti

    Seo and Digital Marketing

    “Simone is the E-leva 007 because it is always struggling with the impossible missions: to interpret Google algorithms!
    How do you do not know, but he does well!
    Expert SEO and SEM, is also a great strategist in the field of Social Media Marketing: always ready to give advice on tone of voice, language and images to use to be more effective on the web!”

  • Andrea Bazzani

    Web Development

    He loves chess and sailboat. When he doesn’t sail in the middle of the sea, he’s a web developer “semi” Senior. Like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction “he solves problems”, and he does it the old-fashioned way. He writes C++ style code, regular expressions, computer networks, web protocols, reverse engineering, in addition to the usual PHP, CSS and Javascript. “The web is like the sea: most of the time is charming and quiet, but at the same time it can become insidious and boundless.” He’s a real wizard in web development: he eats HTML code for breakfast with the coffee and he chews a language unknown to most, but which he knows how to make readable and comprehensible to everyone.

  • Marika Paolini

    Web content Copywriting Digital Marketing

    She’s an aspiring digital copywriter, and she knows how to put the right words in the right place. She deals with content trying to give them the shape of your brand and your ideas. She’s a cinema lover, she “eats” tv series like cookies, but she’s also interested in the digital world. Infact, she’s what they call social addicted, she starts posting and sharing from the crack of down, she’s always looking for new trends and new ways to communicate. Behind her calm and peaceful appearance hides a strong and determined soul. She loves pizza and desserts made with pistachios. About herself she says: “I set a lot of targets, one of these? Eat a pizza as soon as I get out of the office!”

  • Fabio Tombari

    Web Development

    Fabio develops websites to the sound of guitar. In fact, in his free time he delights in chords and strumpelli and gives small concerts to friends. He is the little boy of E-leva, but he already knows his way around development and websites. In a short time he mastered the HTML code, CSS, Javascript, and CMS WordPress and PrestaShop, becoming a junior developer in all respects. He has a past as an agronomist, but he decided to change completely sector: “In a sense a site has branches, nodes and roots just like a plant”. Passionate about trekking and sports, in his free time he plays basketball or rips his colleagues to padel and never backs down in front of a game of foosball.


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