Design and Communication

Naming, Payoff, Brand and Institutional Colors, Coordinated Image, Vision and Mission, Definition of Product Attributes, Packaging, Setting Up of Exhibition Spaces are all activities aimed at building the Brand Identity



A solid and clear Brand Image

The Trademark is the element that distinguishes a company, an activity or a product; it is also the element from which to start in a communication project. We explore all the possibilities, we find new points of view, we foresee all possible applications, even on tools and materials yet to be invented.

We carry out a research with the customer, to find together the motivations and the target of the project and to obtain the maximum project thickness. Active comparison with the client during the work avoids that the reasons of the project are translated univocally by the work team. The final solution of the project lays the foundation for the development of the next phase: the definition of the Brand Identity.

  • Naming
  • Brand / Logotype
  • Coordinated image
  • Packaging
  • Preparation of exhibition spaces
  • Company Profile
  • Product catalogs
  • Service brochure
  • Advertisements
  • Image for events

The brand restyling

More and more often our customers have the need to renew their brand, a new brand or a new visual image. Introducing new ideas, communicating change, company growth are the main reasons to do so.
Our approach takes into account the historical characteristics of the Brand, because a part of the public trusts what it knows, it must be reassured and at the same time text can renew its trust.

How we move

  • We evaluate the existing state
  • We try to receive feedback from the company
  • We build a new set of Values ​​on which to base the project
  • We develop the new Brand without losing the historical identity of the Company
  • We provide the Company with the tools to share the brand’s new values ​​and new visual identity



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