Advice and training

Training in Web Marketing, Web Design, Web Development provided for associations and companies.



Web Marketing Courses

E-leva offers training courses in Web Marketing, Web Design, Web Development.
The Web Marketing courses are generally studied together with the company in order to customize the program to specific needs.
Courses with a predefined program are also available; Here are just a few examples:


Conferences, Seminars and Round Tables

E-leva provides courses for trade associations (Confartigianato Imprese, CNA, Formaconf, etc.), Masters, Professional Funds and directly to Companies.
Some of the courses and conferences we have chaired in recent years:

Web Marketing Courses in the last 3 years

  • Lecturer Biennial Course “Istituto Tecnico Superiore per le Tecnologie Innovative per i Beni e le Attività Culturali” competences V level of the European Qualifications Framework;
  • Lecturer “Scuola di Sistema” Confartigianato Nazionale (Roma) “Google e Facebook: Strategie orientate alla Performance”, Rome, March 2017;
  • Lecturer Course for Confartigianato Veneto “Tecniche e strumenti del social media marketing”, Conegliano Veneto, May 2017;
  • Lecturer “Campagne Promozionali nel web” and “Strumenti di monitoraggio nel web” in the “Tecnico Superiore per la gestione di strutture turistico-ricettive 2015-2017” course FSE July 2017;
  • Training Seminar “Web marketing e social media per le piccole imprese: Google, Facebook e Instagram” organized by CNA Pesaro e Urbino. February 2017;
  • SEO and Web Marketing Training Course, company Kronos Ceramiche;
  • Lecturer Web Marketing Course Google and Facebook for businesses organized by Studio Synthesis Urbino;
  • Lecturer “Google Analytics” in IFTS course “Tecniche di produzione multimediale” Formaconf, May to September2016;
  • Lecturer “Scuola di Sistema” Confartigianato Nazionale (Roma) Corso Avanzato Web Marketing e Social Media Marketing, March 2016;
  • Seminary “E-Commerce. Opportunità e strumento di internazionalizzazione” organizzato da Marchet Azienda della Camera di Commercio di Ancona. July 2015, Ancona, Loggia dei Mercanti;

  • Teacher of “Scuola di Sistema” Confartigianato Nazionale (Roma) Confartigianato Nazionale (Rome) Web Marketing for the association dedicated to the officials of Confartigianato Imprese;
  • Lecturer at the Web Marketing training event: strategies and tools for companies on the international markets in Tarvisio and Cividale del Friuli (organized by Confartigianato Udine and Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia).

Courses, Masters, older professional funds

  • Web Marketing Course teacher for Toma’s Cafe employees. Fondimpresa funded course;
  • Teacher at the National Meeting of Young Entrepreneurs of Confartigianato 2013 “Step by Web Le opportunità della rete per competere”, Alessandria;
  • Invited by the Confartigianato Nazionale to the round table”Nuove identità artigiane”, Roma;
  • Speaker at the International conference ITAIS 2012 “Organization change and Information Systems”, Roma;
  • Conference Speaker University of Urbino, Faculty of Economics, “Dal target reale a quello virtuale: il modello Google” (16/4/12);
  • University of Urbino, Faculty of Economics Seminar “Fare impresa nell’era del social web” (19/3/2012);
  • Seminary “Web Marketing in pratica: pianificare, promuovere e misurare” Training meeting led by Walter Del Prete for companies organized by Confartigianato Pesaro Urbino february 2013;
  • Master teaching in Web Marketing, SIDA Parma, 2013;
  • Teaching at the Scuola di Sistema Confartigianto Imprese / Confartigianato Nazionale;
  • Course: “Web Marketing: nuovi strumenti per le imprese sui mercati internazionali” riservato ai Funzionari ed Esperti di internazionalizzazione di Confartigianato Italia, 2013;
  • Master teaching in Web Marketing, SIDA Ancona 2013-2012;
  • Course teaching FSE “Tecnico superiore dell’export, del servizio al cliente e dell’e-commerce” – Corso FSE 2007/2013 – ASSE 4 OB. 2 Os.L;
  • Course teaching “Web Marketing – Tre edizioni all’interno del “Progetto Quadro per la Formazione Permanente … – Cod. n. 102930 Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino – 2011;
  • Course teaching “L’accessibilità dei siti web” – all’interno del corso di specializzazione “Tecnico di programmazione…” P.Q.R Marche F.S.E. 2007-2013 Asse IV O.S. “I” cat.74 scheda 111590.


Entrust you to Certified Professionals
Always up to date on the latest news, with direct and privileged support from Google for online advertising campaigns. E-leva is Google Partner.
This means that it meets the requirements of experience required by Google, supports the certification exam every 12 months and manages important advertising budgets.
The certification allows us to be constantly updated on the latest news and to have direct and privileged support with the Search Engine in the planning of online advertising campaigns. The title is certified by Google with a page dedicated to E-leva.


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