Farina Pizzeria

Farina Pizzeria | Rebranding of the company logo

The Farina Pizzeria underwent a comprehensive restyling, from interior design to the overall concept. Throughout this process, there was a need to revamp the brand as well, making it consistent with the new visual identity of the establishment. They sought a logo with bold, clean lines while maintaining a strong connection to the original identity and the initial logo (which underwent several evolutions over the years).

We primarily focused on the typographic redesign of the old logo, giving it more contemporary and modern proportions and features, while preserving the memory of the previous font used. A revisited linear structure and visual rhythm of the font now also better suit digital applications, especially within the realm of social media. The project concluded with the selection of a new brick-terracotta color, replacing the historical blue-aqua shade, aligning with the venue’s renewal project.


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