Fuori D.Segno

FuoriD.Segno brand

FuoriD.Segno is a professional team that, thanks to the collaboration with expert artisans, takes care of designing original outdoor spaces, using design and quality materials, as well as technical solutions designed for the outdoor world.

FuoriD.Segno is a project made by the architect Paolo Paleani to which E-leva has decided to adhere, characterized by twenty years of experience in the design of brands and graphics dedicated to catering and hospitality market.

As also described within the site, that we realized and on wich we are working to make it an instrument to increase the number of leads, the project sees the collaboration of more professionalism and skills: graphic, architecture, furniture, supervision of construction sites, forms and permits.

The brand, a balloon, born from a collective brainstorming about particularity of the project, about concept express on the document dedicated to the “method” (available on the website), but also about our dreams, our ambitions after many years of research and experimentation, each in its own field of activity.

In one of this moment we tried to imagine what could be the most extreme project, that is the outdoor room par excellence. We were also captured by some images find on a book, we visualized a local flying, suspended, free to adapt to any climate, to any place: a hot air balloon, in fact.

From this balloon we can see all from above, as unique set, concentrate us step by step on details of next project.



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