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I-gift is the portal dedicated to companies for the customized supply of gadgets and equipment for sublimation printing, DTF technology, wooden frames, canvas for artistic photos, and cotton transfer. They are a point of reference for the most important players in the photography industry and related markets, thanks to their recognized professionalism and expertise.

I-gift’s need was to develop a functional e-commerce website for B2B customers in order to make product navigation and the final purchase more user-friendly. The website was designed to integrate elements that would keep the user engaged, such as product suggestions, exclusive offers, and product customization options. In addition to these aspects, the company requested that their management system communicate with the website to automate order management and inventory updates.

The project began with the development of a graphical layout that featured a clean and linear design. They focused primarily on colors and fonts to establish a consistent visual identity throughout the e-commerce site on various institutional pages. Vibrant colors were chosen in contrast with white, aligning with the company’s image and target market, with the intention of conveying professionalism and expertise.

The project continued with the development of the website using PrestaShop and the use of a theme that aligned with the company’s ideals. The platform was customized to meet the client’s needs, and a system was implemented to connect the company’s management system with the e-commerce business, as initially requested. The system was designed so that when a customer makes a purchase, the order details and customer data are sent to the management system. This eliminates the need for manual order entry, saving time and reducing the possibility of errors.

You can visit their website at www.igifts.it.


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