Labirinto Cooperativa Sociale

Labirinto – Brand restyling for 40 years

The restyling of the brand born comes from tthe analysis of the history and origin of the cooperative.

40 years ago the cooperative was born and then it was inspired to the Bauhaus printing for the logo and to the project of theatrical costumes by Oskar Schlemmer for the symbol of the “geometric man”. The latter has accompanied over time the path of the cooperative, to a couple of restyling of brand operations.

The first performance of the Triadic Ballet – Marina Bistolfi wrote in still essential today “Scritti sul teatro” of Oskar Schlemmer, edited by Feltrinelli in 1981 – takes place on 30 September 1922 (so already in full season Bauhaus) at the Landestheater in Stuttgart. The structure of the ballet is based on the triad, the agreement of the three, because in this number the egoism of the one and the dualistic opposition are overcome to make room for the collective; the one, the two and the three alternate and blend each other: three are the dancers, a woman and two men, three are the ballet sections composed of twelve dances performed by eighteen costumes, formal groupings make up three elements: form color and space, height widht and depth, sphere cube and pyramid, red blue and yellow”.

So even the brand created to represent the 40 years of the cooperative consists of three geometric shapes: the triangle, the square and the circle; forms that compose and decompose to create the two numbers. The result is a very clean and dynamic form, and also thanks to the horizontal “cut” that we inserted to create a line of continuity between the number 40 and the labyrinth logo, a red line that crosses them both and visually unites them.


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