Labirinto Cooperativa Sociale

Labirinto social cooperative – new site

Labirinto is a social cooperative that offers services for for the golden years, childhood, adolescence, disability, immigration, pathological addictions and violence against women.

The new site that we realized is a dynamic tool that it’s useful to make known easily the services of the cooperative and to encourage dialogue and participation to the life and development of its reality.

The cooperative felt the importance, the urgency and the need to share information quickly and to take a further step towards its own digitisation process.
So we have enhanced and renewed the site in appearance and functionality so that, at a first glance, the user can contact with the beating heart of the cooperative knowing its values, services and dissemination, training and design activities.

The new site is responsive, to make the browsing experience pleasant and intuitive. To make the browsing experience easier also intervene the new graphical interface, designed and built to encourage better use of content, and a navigation menu that guides the user in the different sections of the site. The sections can be exploded to know in detail the sectors, deepen the services co-projected and treated, obtain information on managed facilities and opportunities for fragile people and their families.

The site relates and transmits the Labirinto’s values integrally to the target audience: citizens, users, families, institutions, local associations, collaborators, with the aim to encourage members to play an active part in the cooperative’s life. For this reason it provides a reserved area dedicated to them and and ensuring direct and immediate access to information. It is a section that at the moment collects the last news about Labirinto’s life and the documents necessary for carrying out work activities, but that over time it will be implemented with new features to encourage dialogue and development of the Cooperative.


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