Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino

War images in San Giovanni

Immagini di guerra al San Giovanni is a Grazia Calegari catalogue that collect the Enzo Bonetti wall paintings in Pesaro. In particular in the ex convent of san Giovanni Battista that, in 1860 has become military district.
Enzo Bonetti, young military in the district began a great work of frescoes documented through photographs by Michele Sereni. The volume tells the story, represent and explain the works that are in the cloister of the convent attached to the church of San Giovanni and those one in the library, with beautiful details that allow the readers to observe the paintings and the color differences that could not be seen because of the location of the frescoes.

Graphic design of the catalogue and the material related to the presentation of the volume by Nicola Sancisi.


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