Xanitalia | New business web site

Xanitalia is a company specialized in the production of hair removal waxes, cosmetic products, equipment, and professional items for the beauty and professional sector. The company boasts one of the most modern production systems and a competent staff capable of offering safe, user-friendly, and effective products.

We took care of the design and development of Xanitalia’s new business website. We started with a competitor analysis to create a completely custom graphic design in line with market specifications. We represented the client’s desire to communicate with clean and clear lines to convey the company’s professionalism and its strong values, such as attention to quality, refinement of materials, and innovation in the production system.

We focused on the Hair Removal Products section, their strength, where there was a complete reorganization of the products. We categorized them by geographic area of use and type, giving the section an international and more understandable touch compared to the old website. For each product, we developed ad hoc HTML code for the organization of variables, creating a grouping system that allows online viewing of different fragrances divided by texture and finish.

We completed the website by reviewing the institutional content and merging the numerous pages from the old site to give to the new one a renewed and modern look in line with the company, optimizing the texts for smoother reading.



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